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It doesn't have to be that hard!It doesn't have to be that hard!

That's our motto.  We specialize in helping veterinary hospitals implement the most practical solutions to the everyday problems of practice.  Whether it's hospital safety, controlled substance accountability or staff training or relations, we pride ourselves on the most effective and easy to implement programs available today.

From publications that help you understand the "do's and don'ts" to full on-site implementation services, we can help!

BREAKING NEWS!! - On July 2, 2014,  the DEA issued the final notice making Tramadol a schedule IV FEDERAL controlled drug effective August 18, 2014.  Veterinary practices should begin making preparations to inventory, secure and begin recording all uses of Tramadol by the effective date.  Read the notice here:

On August 22, 2014, the DEA issued the final notice changing all hydrocodone products from a Schedule III to a Schedule II classification.  This will result in more restrictive ordering and prescribing rules.  The effective date of this new rule is October 6, 2014.  Read the notice here:


To assist workers and employers, OSHA has launched a new Ebola Web page that provides information about the disease and how to protect workers. It includes sections on the disease itself, hazard recognition, medical information, standards for protecting workers, control and prevention, and additional resources. The page provides protection information for health care workers; airline and other travel industry personnel; mortuary and death care workers; laboratory workers; border, customs and quarantine workers; emergency responders; and workers in other critical sectors. It also links to the CDC and NIOSH Web pages on Ebola.

The Web page also includes a new OSHA fact sheet on protecting workers (not in healthcare or laboratories) involved in cleaning and decontamination of surfaces that may be contaminated with Ebola virus.  Note: this not intended for ANIMAL WASTE CLEANING OPERATIONS...this fact sheet is designed to aid in the clean-up of HUMAN waste, but it certainly contains useful information for the veterinary profession.

The AVMA has information on Ebola in pets that can be very useful to practitioners:

And the CDC's Q&A page on Ebola in Pets....very useful:


The Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory
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Safety Issues for the Veterinary Hospital Staff
6th Edition

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