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Sound Absorbing Panels

Acoustical sound panels help reduce the intensity of noise by absorbing some of the sound. These panels are used extensively in large buildings and theaters to catch the "bouncing" waves. The baffles are usually cloth covered pieces of foam rubber that are hung vertically from the ceiling to "catch" the sound waves and thereby reducing the levels of noise. The covers are usually removable (so they can be washed) or washable in place. 

Normally, 2' high and 4' wide, the panels and are "hung" from the ceiling by built-in eyelets. They can be easily removed and washed with a hose or damp sponge, making them very suitable for kennels and animal areas. Prices range from $8 to $30 per panel, depending on the supplier.

The most economical source for sound panels we've found is:

Lab Safety Supply
PO Box 1368
Janesville, WI 53547-1368
(800) 356-0783 
Item # 53924 for white panels.  Various colors are available.

Check out our Links page for a link to the Lab Safety Supply web site!

Another good item for absorbing the noise in kennels is plants.  Generous use of potted plants will make a difference even in the noisiest rooms. Ferns tend to do particularly well in the kennels because of the high humidity and the indirect lighting.  Of course, personal taste, environmental conditions and space are all factors, but plants are definitely worth the time and expense. 

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