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The Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Compliance Manual (6th Edition)

The Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Compliance Manual 6th Edition


Veterinary hospitals in the United States have many rules and regulations placed upon them by regulatory agencies. This manual is designed to be a reference tool for the practitioner to create awareness of the requirement and to provide practical methods of complying with the rules.

Whether we agree with a particular rule or not is seldom justification for ignoring it. Many people believe that government should stay out of private businesses and homes, but the reality is that government has the authority to make and enforce rules on the population. Although compliance with regulatory rules (often called Standards) is mandatory for any business, the rationale for "doing the right thing" is just plain old good business.

Finally, a comprehensive, easy to use, guide written specifically for the veterinary practice.

This is not just an OSHA manual - it is an easily understood, practical guide to many of the regulatory rules that affect your business. Most of these rules are simple to accomplish, provided you know about them!

OSHA, DEA, FDA, INS, DOL, and many other regulatory agencies are covered!

New in the 6th Edition:

  • Expanded Hazard Communication Standard section to explain how the GHS rules apply to veterinary practices
  • New laser safety section
  • New compounding medications section
  • Updated and expanded controlled drug section
  • New section explaining the The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (new hire reporting rules)
  • New Drug Free Workplace program section
  • Updated INS Form 9 rules
  • Updated and expanded fill-in-the-blank templates for safety policies
  • Much, much more!

This manual includes access to fill-in-the-blank forms and templates to help you get into compliance faster, as well as a copy of Safety Issues for the Veterinary Hospital Staff.  The cost is STILL only $72.00 (plus $7.50 shipping per order) for the complete set!

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Disclaimer: The advice in this manual is designed to give the veterinary hospital or practice owner/administrator a basic understanding of the regulatory agency rules affecting the business. This manual is not a replacement for appropriate legal advice and the rules are subject to change. The specific agency, department or division promulgating the rules should be contacted whenever there is a question about the interpretation of a rule, regulation or standard. No one can guarantee that your hospital will be in complete compliance with a regulation, rule or standard, but you can be assured that following the practical guidelines established in this manual, you will have shown an overwhelming intent to comply with the regulations. 


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