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Phil's Technician Philosophy

As a Veterinary Technician, I promise to:

  1. be punctual and reliable.

  2. support the decisions that are made for the betterment of the hospital.

  3. obey the rules of the hospital.

  4. be supportive of my coworkers and leaders.

  5. be honest with the clients, staff and leaders.

  6. maintain my professionalism; treating clients, patients, coworkers and leaders with dignity and respect.

  7. be diligent in the performance of my duties and take pride in my work.

  8. keep technically proficient and continually strive to improve my personal and professional skills.

  9. be responsible for my own actions.

  10. accept responsibility and use initiative when I can contribute positively.

From my leaders, I expect:

  1. the opportunity to prove my talents - give me a chance.

  2. to be treated with the dignity and respect that I afford others.

  3. honesty about the practice and my position within it.

  4. recognition for my accomplishments and contributions to the practice.

  5. a challenging work environment that will make me grow professionally and personally.

  6. support and redirection when I make mistakes.

  7. fairness in compensation and responsibilities.

Our hospital's promises to our clients and patients:

  1. We promise to be here when you need us.

  2. We promise to always be honest in information so that you can make the best decision for your family.

  3. We promise to treat you and your family with dignity and respect.

  4. We promise to be fair in fees, service and care.

Think you need a raise?

Before you ask for that raise, make sure it's because you deserve it; your performance and contributions have exceeded the normal expectations. Never ask for a raise because you need it - you may be seen as unable to manage affairs on a budget or living over your means. This can sometimes hurt your credibility in the eyes of others.


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