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Phil is a seasoned, dynamic speaker and delivers seminars that are consistently rated "Excellent" by attendee reviews.  If your organization wishes to have Phil present any of these topics at your meeting, fill out the Information Request Form to receive details about honorarium and availability.

Regulations Every Practice Needs to Know: OSHA (4-6 hours depending on detail desired)

A comprehensive, guided overview of Federal & State Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates for veterinary hospitals. This seminar will not only teach you what is expected, but how to achieve it without spending a lot of time on unnecessary forms, paperwork or training! This program is very practical and designed to help those hospital owners or managers who desire to comply with the law. We'll discuss the administrative requirements, outline the many hazards in a veterinary practice (not just chemicals) and teach you about OSHA requirements for dealing with them.

Regulations every Practice Needs to Know: Pharmacy (2 hours without controlled drug discussion -see below)

Just what are the FDA guidelines that veterinary practices must follow for prescribing and dispensing? What about compounding? Can we fill a prescription written by another practice? When are over-the-counter sales permitted? What about Internet pharmacies? How do we account for controlled drugs and do we really need two locks on the safe? These are only a few of the issues that the veterinary practice team must understand in order to operate the pharmacy in the proper manner.

Keeping Controlled Drugs Under Control (2-3 hours)

A comprehensive review of the requirements for veterinary hospitals mandated by the Controlled Substance Act. We'll discuss simple ways to prevent misuse and abuse from in-house pilfering and records tampering as well as client deceptions and scams. During this seminar, we'll also dispel a few of the common misconceptions about record-keeping and security. This is truly a "Here's how you do it" program.

Regulations Every Practice Needs to Know: Personnel (1-2 hours)

Most managers agree that the Human Resources part of the job is the most difficult. In this session we discuss the administration of the Human Resources in the practice, including: right to work documentation, new hire reporting, wage and hour rules (overtime, etc), salary vs. hourly wage determinations, and much, much more.

Safety Issues for Veterinary Hospital Staff (2-3 hours)

An upbeat presentation about the common hazards of a veterinary hospital and ways individuals can avoid unnecessary risk. We'll discuss the general principles of safety, prevention of zoonotic diseases, precautions for working with chemicals, worker rights and responsibilities and much, much more! We’ll use humor and real-life stories to illustrate points and get the message across. This seminar is consistently rated one of the best safety programs by participants.

Note: This presentation is a staff safety awareness program and is not intended to be a comprehensive "What do I need to do for OSHA?" program for the leadership of the practice.

Are You Really a Professional? Then Act Like One! (1 hour)

Being respected for one's professional status is something we all seek, but are your actions giving people the wrong impressions?  We'll reveal some of the traits that you must develop within yourself to achieve your goals in any profession. Discover what it feels like to pursue a career instead of just doing a job.

Effective Technician Utilization (1 hour)

Do you challenge your technicians? The successful practice of today and tomorrow will depend heavily on using technicians as "veterinary extenders." We'll discuss methods to determine if your technicians have what it takes to become "super techs" and ways to get them started. We'll look at the numbers that show you how the practice team produce more so that everyone makes more!

Effective Staff Training Solutions (2 hours)

We never seem to have enough time to have training meetings, but everyone knows that they're important. This presentation will explore some of the reasons why a planned training program is a necessity for every practice and give you practical ways to get started. We'll show you some of the different methods of instruction and when to use them. You'll also learn ways to make your training program easy to deliver and easy to replicate when you have new staff members.


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